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We Refinish and Clean your Hardwoods, Clean Tiles, Stone and More!

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Enjoy Clean Tiles & Hardwood Floors

Refinishing and Cleaning your Tiles and Hardwood Floors.

Having repaired and refinished hardwood floors, plus nice clean tiles will add value to your home. 

  • clean hardwood floorsTile, Grout and other hard surfaces such as marble and granite have become more and more popular in commercial and residential properties – and require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking great! What you may not know is that grout (and some tile) is made up of a porous material. This makes it susceptible to dirt and spills making your floor look dirty and unkempt. That is where we come in! Patty G’s truck mount will safely remove your built up dirt and grime using the most efficient process and proper cleaning agent(s). Our high pressure water and vacuum combination will extract dirt leaving your tile fresh and clean!
  • Nicks and scratches in your hardwood floors are gently buffed without sanding away precious wood.
  • Regular cleaning and attention to your hardwood floors will lengthen the life of your flooring, but sometimes some damages are not repairable. Pet urine, dents, warping, broken boards are just a few things that could cause permanent damage. Patty G’s has the resources to provide maintenance, cleaning and repairs to your wood floors. We have options to cut out and replace damaged wood, epoxy patching for smaller blemishes, and we can lightly sand and refinish other dull areas or parts with surface scratches.

We Refinish and Clean your Hardwoods, Clean Tiles, Stone and More!

Do your hardwood and tile floors look dirty, dingy - even after they're cleaned? It's time to hire the tile and hardwood floor restoration professionals at Patty G's to refinish your flooring. We'll make your flooring shine again! ! 

A Healthy Home Starts With Clean Tiles & Hardwood Floors.
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