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Carpet Cleaning

Water Extraction or Green Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hardwood restoration
Tiles & Hardwood

We Refinish and Clean your Hardwoods, Clean Tiles, Stone and More!

power washing
Power Washing

Reclaim your Garage, Walkways, & Decks with Power Washing

water damage restoration

Certified Water, Mold, Asbestos & Air Quality Restoration

Air Quality Restoration
Professional handling of indoor air quality needs for nearly every restoration job: 

air quality restorationIf you experience damage, have a construction site that involves high levels of particulates, or have mold growth in your home, you deserve the best remediation practices out there! Patty G’s prides itself on providing services that will improve the overall health in your current home. Utilizing our state of the art equipment such as:

  • Ozone Air Movers
  • HEPA filters
  • Air Scrubber
These work by drawing contaminated air through several stages of filters, positioned in coarsest to finest filtration for the highest possible efficency!

The use of this equipment will keep the high-risk (young and elderly) people with respiratory issues comfortable and in their home without comprising their immune system. Our air filtration devices are designed to positively impact the air quality by reducing the particle load and mitigating the potential health risks!

The variety of deep cleaning services Patty G’s offers will help to reduce dust mites, pet dander and other allergens that will keep your family breathing easier and healthier air. Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile & grout cleaning with our full restoration service availability, makes Patty G’s your go-to company for high air quality and a cozy home!

Licensed, certified, and insured. We use only Safe and eco-friendly cleaning and insulating materials. Contact Patty G's for Quality Air Qualtiy Restoration Service You Can Count On!

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